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Getz Pharma sponsors ‘Suno’

To support art and culture initiatives which enrich our society, foster healthy discussions and bring about social change, Getz Pharma sponsored ‘Suno’, a powerful play about mental illness, family and social pressures, performed at the Arts Council in Karachi from April 27-30, 2016.

Getz Pharma marks Earth Day

Getz Pharma dedicatedly celebrates Earth Day every year on April 22, to highlight the company’s commitment towards, environmental protection, to support nature conservation and promote environmentally friendly practices.

Getz Pharma sponsors the Islamabad Literature Festival

To promote knowledge, understanding, and creativity, and to encourage the pursuit of learning and literature, Getz Pharma sponsored the Islamabad Literature Festival (ILF) in April 15-17, 2016.

Students from the Karigar Training Institute Visit Getz Pharma

The Karigar Training Institute is a nonprofit, skills based training institute which enables youth from less privileged sections of the society to become economically independent.