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Greener Environments, Sustainable Planet – Getz Pharma wins first position for Themed Industrial Gardens

Getz Pharma takes great pride in the maintenance of its gardens and landscapes. For the second consecutive year, Getz Pharma’s gardens won the coveted first position for best Themed Industrial Gardens by the renowned Horticultural Society of Pakistan (HSP) at the 66th Flower Show, held in February 2017. The HSP is a body devoted to the art, science, technology and business of plant cultivation, and hosts a large number of events and activities to recognize the role of companies towards a healthier and sustainable environment.

To achieve the milestone, Getz Pharma’s dedicated landscaping team adorned the facility with 6000 seasonal plants in 26 different varieties, including 30 exquisite varieties of flowers, to create Japanese themed gardens. Among the prominent flowers and plants cultivated, were Orchids, Dahlia, Impatiens, Petunias, and varieties of ferns and cactus. A panel of judges from HSP, surveyed and individually rated each green area in the facility. A consensus was reached where the company’s gardens were ranked number one in the Themed Industrial Gardens category, with highest ratings in neatness of the gardens, and variety of plants, followed by impressive scores in other landscape areas.

Getz Pharma’s management and employees take immense pride in these award winning gardens, which aim to contribute towards a greener and sustainable planet. They play a major role in enhancing the work ambience, by providing a refreshing, comforting, and healthy work environment for all.

More images of our green facility and the HSP award available on our Facebook page.