Corporate Social Responsibility

Revival of our Cultural Heritage

Getz Pharma is devoted to the promotion of cultural heritage in the areas of theatre, cinema, music, art and sports. Efforts that celebrate and promote peace, interfaith and intercultural harmony are encouraged as they promote literacy, cultural tolerance, support customs and arts, and uplift communities, thus making lives more fulfilling and enjoyable.

In the past, the company has supported theatrical performances, production of classical music, encouraged interaction between local and international artisans and the spread of cultural knowledge, and sponsored documentaries on cities and marginalized communities.

Getz Pharma has also sponsored the publication of books promoting the cultural heritage of Pakistan. This includes sponsoring the printing and publication of Kalaam-e-Aarifaan, a compilation of priceless sufiana kalaam in Urdu, Punjabi, Saraiki and Persian languages, which took a decade of hard work. This collection has been put together with passion and care, and includes English and Urdu translations and synopsis to increase readership and contribute to the sufi message of eternal love, tolerance and peace. The book has been distributed to libraries and individuals all over the world.