Corporate Social Responsibility

Preservation of the Environment Preservation of the Environment

Preservation of nature and of natural habitats for our future generations is of prime concern at Getz Pharma. Our efforts range from preservation of the environment through concrete initiatives to increasing awareness of the need to protect the environment.

Under the slogan, ‘Protecting Environment, Protecting Life’, Getz Pharma has joined hands with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Pakistan to create awareness about the environment, especially for the preservation of the country’s Wetland Centers. The company has sponsored three tournaments in collaboration with WWF and Agha’s Sportfishing to promote marine sports, sport fishing in an ethical and environmentally sustainable manner, and their impact on marine life.

Getz Pharma has commissioned wildlife photography to raise awareness of the Ramsar sites which are famous wetlands present in Pakistan with global ecological importance. Getz Pharma is also a key sponsor of the Horticultural Society of Pakistan and supports beautification of the city by spreading awareness about various types of plants, and encouraging concrete measures to plant more trees and flowers around the city.