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German Consular General and team visits Getz Pharma

On May 17, 2017, the Consul-General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr Rainer Schmiedchen, along with a team which included Ms Shazia Shaikh, Trade and Economic Officer, and Ms Ines Chabbi, Secretary General of the German-Pakistani Chamber of Commerce and Industry, visited Getz Pharma. They met with the senior and middle management team of the organization, who gave them a brief presentation and introduction to Getz Pharma, and highlighted that the manufacturing areas were equipped with state-of-the-art German equipment. Mr Schmiedchen discussed the trade activities between Germany and Pakistan, and underscored that while this was one of the few companies in Pakistan that he had visited, he was struck by the greenery he saw at the facility.

The German team was taken on a tour of the facility, where they visited the Research and Development areas, Quality Control Laboratories, Production areas, and the Water plant and HVAC area. They showed their appreciation of the high standards maintained by Getz Pharma, and enjoyed taking photographs with the myriad of German brand equipment they saw at the sites.

The tour included the facilities offered to employees, including the Health and Emergency Clinic, Fitness Center and the Cafeteria. The visitors highlighted that they “were impressed by the high standards of Getz’s production sites as well as of the social facilities offered to the workforce such as a state of the art hospital ward, a fitness centre and an excellent canteen.


Photo courtesy of Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Karachi