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Getz Pharma launches Green Clinics

Getz Pharma, in partnership with Augment Care, has launched the first-of-its-kind, paper-less ‘Green Clinic’. The project aims to bring an eco-friendly solution for healthcare, provide patient data on one shareable platform, reduce the risk of prescription error, and make the registration process more efficient.

The Green Clinic launch event was held on October 05, 2018 in PC, Lahore, and was attended by many notable professionals from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Speaking at the occasion, the Chief Guest Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid also lauded the initiative and said that the health sector in Pakistan has been struggling for many years. She added that with the Green Clinics, data from patients will be linked up and pooled which would help the researchers and doctors to look for patterns in the data and develop new ways of predicting or diagnosing illness, and identify ways to improve clinical care.

As a leading pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, Getz Pharma aims to steer the industry to a brighter future by introducing an innovative structure that benefits the patients and doctors alike. The new system will also reduce the consumption of paper in these clinics, the first in Pakistan’s healthcare industry.