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Getz Pharma Sponsors the 13th Karachi Literature Festival 2022

Getz Pharma sponsored the 13th Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) and Eqbal Ahmad Centre for Public Education (EACPE) Film Awards under its CSR umbrella of ‘Preservation of Cultural Heritage.’ The 13th  KLF was held at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi, from 4th to 6th March 2022 and was also aired live on KLF social media platforms.

Getz Pharma presented the awards for the best book prize in English Fiction, Urdu Prose, and Urdu Poetry during the inauguration ceremony. The winning entries were:

English Fiction: Little America by Zain Saeed

Urdu Poetry: Khwab Aatay Howay Sunai Deeay by Salim Kausar

Urdu Prose: Dubedha by Asim Bakhshi

For the last eight years, Getz Pharma has been sponsoring the EACPE Film Awards – a national filmmaking competition that provides aspiring filmmakers a chance to showcase their talent to the world. This year, participants submitted their entries on the topic, ‘Let’s Heal the World.’ The jury members included Bee Gul, Screenwriter and Director, Khalid Ahmed, TV Director, Producer, and Actor, Hidayat Sayer, Scriptwriter, Poet, and Lyricist. The session was moderated by Sabiha Sumar, Filmmaker and Producer. Khalid Mahmood, Managing Director and CEO at Getz Pharma, was also part of the panel discussion. Getz Pharma EACPE Film Awards 2021 session started with screening winner and runner-up entries, followed by a panel discussion between the jury members. Getz Pharma EACPE Film Awards 2021 winner was Qadir Raza for his short film ‘Musafir,’ and Javed Iqbal Soomro attained the runner-up position for his short film ‘Chhotu.’ Both films delivered powerful messages on social issues faced by the community. The panelists discussed the topic, shared their reviews about the winning films, and took questions from the audience. The event concluded by congratulating and presenting the awards to the winners.

Watch the complete session here.