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Getz Pharma wins best Themed Industrial Gardens at HSP Flower Show

Getz Pharma was a proud recipient of the best Themed Industrial Gardens award by the renowned Horticultural Society of Pakistan (HSP) for the 7th time in running at the HSP Flower Show, held in February 2018. From 2011-2014, and from 2016-2018, Getz Pharma has been awarded the first prize at the HSP Flower Show for its gardens and the first prize in the Spot Beautification Category for its roundabout in the Korangi Industrial Area in 2015.

Like every year, Getz Pharma’s dedicated landscaping team adorned the gardens in the facility with various seasonal plants and flowers. About 6,500 seasonal plants and 25 different varieties of flowers were planted including Chrysanthemum, Delilah, Cineraria, Gul-e-Dawoodi, Gerbera, Alyssum, Jafri, Petunia, Phlox, Impatient, Pansy, Begonia, Mari Gold, Carnation, Verbena, Stock, Antirrhinum, Gazania, Calendula, Dianthus, and Cosmos, among others.

Three judges from HSP visited the Getz Pharma office and surveyed the entire plant, enjoying the colorful Spring view of the gardens. Particularly liking the flower presentation and office environment, the judges rated the gardens very highly for neatness.

The HSP is a body devoted to the art, science, technology and business of plant cultivation, and hosts a large number of events and activities to recognize the role of companies towards a healthier and sustainable environment. Getz Pharma, as a socially responsible organization, believes that a sustainable lifestyle is not only good for the employees that work here, but is also the responsibility of each and every individual and organization towards our planet and our future. Through our garden and roundabout, we play a role in spreading awareness about various types of plants, encourage concrete measures to increase tree and flower plantation in the city, and promote the beautification of the large urban metropolis.