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International Women’s Day celebrated at Getz Pharma

Getz Pharma celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, 2016 to honor and celebrate its female employees. While Getz Pharma is an equal opportunity employer and provides female employees with a safe, comfortable and intellectually invigorating work environment, it recognizes the discrimination women face on social, cultural, political and economic levels.

International Women’s Day celebrations highlight the importance of women’s rights and encourage their participation in the economic and political arena. Getz Pharma female employees, dressed in purple and pink, attended a range of inspirational and informational sessions and workshops on leadership models, stress management, nutrition, harassment at the workplace and other relevant issues. They also enjoyed activities such as pottery painting, participated in lucky draws, and received personalized giveaways and sweet treats to make this an event to remember.

Photos of the Women’s Day event available here