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Benefits and Drawbacks of Group Exercises

Group workouts are becoming increasingly popular, with fitness enthusiasts enjoying the opportunity to exercise with their friends or with a motivated group. Group exercises, however, do not suit everyone. There are various ways for you to decide whether group exercises will benefit you:

  • Group exercises are ideal for those who wish to work out, but know that if left to their own devices, they will procrastinate or lose the motivation. By committing to an exercise group which meets at specific times and days, you will make sure to fit the workout into your daily routine.
  • If you need the support of others to exercise, then group exercises are ideal for you. It is common for classmates to encourage each other to come to class, give compliments upon successful weight loss, and turn to each other for inspiration.
  • If you are on the lookout for a well-rounded exercise routine, and wanting to gradually move on to tougher workouts, group exercises can help. In a class, instructors usually slowly increase the pace and the class can help you move past a plateau.
  • A group workout does not necessary have to be in a gym or with a trainer; you can get your friends together, form a group at a time convenient to all and do basic exercises at the park or at a house with an exercise video. This is ideal if you wish to spend time with your friends while doing something productive. It will be easier to stay committed because you will not want to let your group down.


Group exercises are not ideal for you if:

  • You have irregular work hours and holidays. It will be difficult to regularly attend an exercise program.
  • You require constant one-on-one time with a fitness trainer. You may not be able to get the specific direction you need, to learn the proper form for exercises like squats or push-ups.
  • You are not comfortable exercising with other people around you.
  • You require a personalized workout regimen, based on your health condition or exercise needs.