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Five Reasons Soft Drinks are Bad for Health

Most people know, even if they choose to ignore the fact, that fizzy drinks contain a large amount of sugar and can lead to weight gain. But did you know that they can increase the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes? Read below for five reasons why fizzy drinks are bad for your health:

  1. Too Much Sugar

One can of a soft drink (354 ml) contains 33 grams of sugar, equivalent to 9.5 teaspoons of sugar. This exceeds the recommended daily sugar allowance for the day, which is six teaspoons for women and nine for men, according to the American Heart Association. Continuously drinking fizzy drinks can lead to obesity, or at the very least, considerable expansion of the waistline.


  1. Increases Risk of Diabetes

Research has indicated that soft drinks are linked to type 2 diabetes. According to studies, people who consume one can or more of sugary cans per day have a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those who rarely guzzle such drinks

  1. Increases Risk of Heart Disease

The excess amount of sugar in soft drinks, the metabolic effects of the fructose, or the HFCS used to sweeten soft drinks, can lead to increased risk of heart attacks or heart disease. The Nurse’s Health Study, which followed the health of more than 90,000 women over eight years, revealed a 40 percent higher risk of heart attack or heart disease amongst women who consumed more than two servings of sugary beverages as compared to those who rarely drank such drinks.


  1. Weakens Bones

Soft drinks contain high levels of phosphate which can pose a challenge to healthy bones. While phosphorous is an essential component of bone, consumption of more phosphate than calcium can lead to bone loss.

  1. Leads to Cancer

There have been numerous studies which show the role soft drinks play in pancreatic, breast and prostate cancers.