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Nine Plants That Naturally Keep Mosquitos Away

Most of us sometimes struggle to take out the time to enjoy the wonderful benefits of nature, and bugs, especially buzzing mosquitos, often add to the list of things which prevent one from sitting outdoors. The good news is that there are multiple remedies available which do not involve spraying harmful chemicals on your body.

Procure some of the below mentioned natural plants and with their multitude of uses and benefits, you may face less annoyance and more enjoyment while enjoying the outdoors. Here are a list of nine natural products and the various ways they add to your garden and help keep mosquitos at bay:

  1. Catnip

  • Works wonders as a natural mosquito repellant
  • According to one study catnip was actually found to be up to10 times more effective at keeping mosquitos away than diethyltoluamide, the most common ingredient found in insect repellents.
  1. Lemon Thyme

  • According to the Ontario’s University of Guelph, if you crush up leaves from a lemon thyme plant, you can reduce the number of mosquito bites by 62%
  1. Lavender

  • Contains calming properties
  • Helps relieve anxiety, agitation, nausea, vomiting, minor burns, breathing issues, pain, and even skin blemishes
  • Can also help keep unwanted bugs off of other plants
  1. Basil

  • Cinnamon basil has shown to be the most effective in keeping mosquitos away
  1. Lemon Balm

  • Member of the mint family
  • Great at dissuading mosquitos
  • Natural healing herb. You can use it to help with PMS, cramps, digestive issues, and even sleeping problems
  1. Lemongrass

  • Beautiful ornamental grass that can grow from 2- 4 feet tall
  • Contains citronella, a natural oil which is used as the main ingredient in many mosquito repelling candles
  • Masks the smell of people, making it hard for mosquitos to sniff out their dinner
  1. Marigolds

  • Beautiful flowering plant that can bring some color to your yard while also keeping unwanted bugs away
  • It puts off a unique aroma known as pyrethrum that which repels insects
  1. Rosemary

  • Incredible herb that can be used in in cooking, natural cleaning products, as an insect deterrent
  • Provides a mental boost that can last for hours
  • Studies have shown that inhaling the scent of rosemary can boost concentration and memory by 75%
  1. Garlic

  • Delicious plant that is great at fighting off a cold or other infection
  • Mosquitos hate the smell of garlic and hence are driven away