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Getz Pharma Launches ‘The Vault’ – A Collection of Scientific and Medical Research

Getz Pharma is pleased to launch The Vault – a collection of scientific and medical research conducted by national and international health care professionals, facilitated by Getz Pharma over the years. The booklet contains consolidated research data published in accredited international and HEC-recognized journals, in the recent five years.

Getz Pharma Sponsors the 13th Karachi Literature Festival 2022

Getz Pharma sponsored the 13th Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) and Eqbal Ahmad Centre for Public Education (EACPE) Film Awards under its CSR umbrella of ‘Preservation of Cultural Heritage.’ The 13th  KLF was held at Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi, from 4th to 6th March 2022 and was also aired live on KLF social media platforms.

Getz Pharma organized a panel discussion in collaboration with Zindagi Trust and Durbeen to mark the International Day of Education

In observance of the International Day of Education, Getz Pharma organized a panel discussion in collaboration with Durbeen and Zindagi Trust to discuss the topic 'Teaching: The profession that creates all others.' The panelist at the session included Shehzad Roy, Musician, Activist, Founder, and President of Zindagi Trust, Rana Hussain, Principal of Ziauddin University's College of Education, Dr. Fouzia Naeem Khan, Chief Advisor, Curriculum Wing, Sindh School Education & Literacy, and Khalid Mahmood - CEO & Managing Director of Getz Pharma. Salma Alam, CEO of Durbeen, moderated the session.