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PREACH Implementation Project – A Socio-Ecological framework for Hypertension in Pakistan

The alarming situation of deteriorating state of Pakistan’s economic and health infrastructure demands concrete measures to be taken. Therefore, Getz Pharma takes pride in launching a project called PREACH ‘Prevention, Management and Control of Hypertension’ aiming to ignite a paradigm shift from tertiary hospitals to primary care facilities and from treatment alone to preventive care. Additionally raising awareness in the general masses and developing a trained force to battle against this silent killer – hypertension.

Getz Pharma Receives Highest Export Performance Award in the Pharmaceutical Sector for 17th Consecutive Year

The company exports to over 30 countries and has been receiving the Highest Export Performance Award in the pharmaceutical sector by the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) from the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the past 17 consecutive years. Getz Pharma is also the largest investor and taxpayer in the pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan.