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Therapeutic Segment: Immunomodulator

Generic Name: Pegylated interferon alfa-2a



  • Treatment of HBeAgpositive or HBeAg-negative-chronic hepatitis B in adult patients with
    compensated liver disease and evidence of viral replication, increased ALT and histologically verified liver inflammation and/or fibrosis.
  • Treatment of chronic hepatitis C in adult patients who are positive for serum HCV-RNA, including patients with compensated cirrhosis and/or co-infected with clinically stable HIV. The optimal way to use it in patients with chronic hepatitis C is in combination with ribavirin. The combination with ribavirin is indicated in naive patients and patients who have failed previous treatment with interferon Alfa (pegylated or non-pegylated) alone or in combination therapy with ribavirin. Monotherapy is indicated mainly in case of intolerance or contraindication to ribavirin.

Available as:

  • 180MCG