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EACPE Video Contest 2017 Screening and Panel Discussion at Karachi Literature Festival

The Eqbal Ahmad Centre for Public Education (EACPE) Video Contest 2017 Screening and Panel discussion in collaboration with Getz Pharma was held at the 9th Karachi Literature Festival (KLF), on 10 February, 2018. The contest received over 30 entries from young film and documentary makers.

Getz Pharma has been a proud sponsor of the contest since it started, giving aspiring filmmakers a platform to showcase their videos, foster dialogue about change in Pakistan, and use art as a tool to spread ideas about peace, hope and change.

The contest invited documentaries 8 to 10 minutes in length, revolving around the broad topic of ‘Fostering Tolerance and Bringing Change in Pakistan’. Submitted by film makers of varied backgrounds including lawyers, architects, students and independent film makers, the documentaries were as unique and wide-ranging as the line-of-work of these film makers. An independent jury was selected to view the videos and come down to five shortlisted films out of which two were chosen for the grand prize. The jury included film director and editor Maheen Zia, columnist and film critic Khusro Mumtaz, and culture critic and columnist Nadeem Farooq Paracha.

The five shortlisted videos were ‘Breaking Barriers’, ‘Naqsh-e-Karachi’, ‘The Unknown Mountaineer’, ‘A House of Smoke and Fire’, and ‘Don Akhbar’. A short fictional film on the effects of pollution and climate change shot in the future, ‘A House of Smoke and Fire’ by Junaid Aslam and Montasir Khan bagged the first prize, while a documentary about Lyari’s infamous and sensationalized newspaper, ‘Don Akhbar’ by Kamran Shahnawaz and Dostain Ellahi was awarded the second prize.  Getz Pharma Managing Director Khalid Mahmood handed out cash cheques of Rs.200,000 and Rs.100,000 to the winner and runner-up, giving them his congratulations and words of encouragement.

The hour-long session held on the second day of KLF included the screening of the two videos to a packed audience, followed by a panel discussion with the renowned Contemporary Sufi Singer, Arieb Azhar and contest juror, Maheen Zia. The panelists talked about the impact of art, theater, storytelling, and music, and their role in bringing a positive and impactful change in the society.

Pictures of the event available on the Getz Pharma Facebook page.