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Getz Pharma launches Metered Dose Inhalers Facility

Getz Pharma launched its new state-of- the-art Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI) manufacturing facility in October 2016. This new manufacturing facility is unparalleled in the country it is fully equipped with the latest European machinery, technology and quality systems. Manufacturing and testing of MDIs at this facility is compliant to US FDA and EU standards and the machines are designed by Fillpack and DHI, UK based world leaders in inhaler machine manufacturing. The entire manufacturing process is in a closed loop with an excellent control system of each parameter to safeguard quality of the product, with canisters passing through a single stage dual filling to ensure uniform delivery of the drug in each puff.

The state-of- the-art testing equipment critically monitors all quality parameters such as Deposition of Emitted Dose, Particle Size Distribution and Content Uniformity. A 100% on-line weight check ensures the right amount of drug in every filled canister. This facility is a product of tremendous investment, considerable hard work, and unwavering dedication to manufacture top quality MDI products.

To celebrate this achievement, an event was held at Getz Pharma, where Mr Khalid Mahmood, Managing Director and CEO Getz Pharma, expressed his pride and congratulated the employees, in particular the Production, Quality Control, Regulatory, Quality Assurance, and Business Development teams for their unparalleled efforts, extreme hard work and determination to achieve exceptional results in limited time. The employees celebrated the shared success by dressing up in purple attire, which was synced with the packaging of the first MDI inhaler produced in the facility. A mascot depicting the inhaler added joy to the event. This tremendous milestone by Getz Pharma will significantly reduce expensive imports, provide local employment and ensure the availability of top quality, safe and efficient MDIs for patients.