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Getz Pharma sponsors Blood Drive at its premises

On May 26, 2016, Getz Pharma held a blood drive at its facility, in collaboration with The Indus Hospital Blood Center (TIHBC); the first and only centralized blood center in the country. TIHBC ensures provision of safe and healthy blood to The Indus Hospital and five other Karachi-based charitable hospitals. As part of its CSR initiatives, Getz Pharma was proud to host this blood drive and give back to society.

A large number of Getz Pharma employees voluntarily participated in the Blood Drive, and the majority, after being medically screened for eligibility, cleared as healthy and eligible blood donors. Regular blood donations not only help save lives, but are known to have numerous health benefits for the donor as well. Employees were made aware that each blood donation not only helps save three lives, but it also helps preserve cardiovascular health, reduces risk of developing cancer, and lowers mortality rates and the risk of a heart attack. All participants of the Blood Drive received comprehensive reports of their healthcare status, pleased to be able to improve their own health and help sustain lives of those in need of blood.

Photographs from the event available here