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Getz Pharma Launches ‘The Vault’ – A Collection of Scientific and Medical Research

Scientific research and publications play a vital role in unfolding the latest research findings on different health-related topics. With the emergence of new communicable and non-communicable life-threatening diseases, it has become incredibly important to have credible and authentic research data on different demographics.

As a leading research-driven pharmaceutical company, Getz Pharma continuously supports scientific initiatives and research frameworks that can assist healthcare professionals in improving patients’ lives. Continuing this vision, Getz Pharma is pleased to launch The Vault – a collection of scientific and medical research conducted by national and international health care professionals, facilitated by Getz Pharma over the years. The booklet contains consolidated research data published in accredited international and HEC-recognized journals, in the recent five years. The purpose of this initiative is to provide health care providers with advanced academic and scientific knowledge about the causes, implications, and treatment of different diseases. Furthermore, these publications are of great relevance to medical students, who can develop their understanding of health-related topics based on research.

Over the years, Pakistan’s research community has seen unprecedented growth. According to Clarivate Analytics, Pakistan Research and Innovation Landscape Report showed a 300% growth in the number of publications indexed on the Web of Science Core Collection in the past decade. Getz Pharma is also engaged in numerous clinical research projects across the country in collaboration with healthcare professionals and medical societies, to pioneer a data-driven approach to healthcare problems by setting up disease-specific registries.

To learn more, download the copy of The Vault by visiting the link: