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Getz Pharma Sponsors Early Childhood Education Certificate Programme

Getz Pharma was proud to be one of the sponsors of the ‘Early Childhood Education Certificate Programme (ECE-CP)’ conducted by the Teacher’s Resource Center (TRC), one of the leading and pioneering institutions for Early Childhood Education in Pakistan. Six teachers, permanently employed at SMB Fatima Jinnah School in Saddar, Karachi, attended this ten-month long certification course as part of the scholarship fund set up by Getz Pharma.

The course, adapted and taught in the Urdu language, was specifically designed keeping in mind the medium of instruction and the environment of the average Pakistani school.  Most of these schools are government-run or catering to lower income communities. The curriculum was based on the belief that ‘active learning’ – hands-on experiences with people, objects, events and ideas – is most suitable for teaching young children.

The teachers that emerged from ECE-CP were equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes to not only understand children’s learning needs comprehensively but also create and sustain learning environments where children are enabled to best utilize their innate potential to develop holistically. The teachers emerged enthusiastic and equipped with the skills required to deliver knowledge in a more effective manner.

Some testimonials received from the teachers after the course include:

“We have learnt to teach concepts to the children, rather than constantly focusing on teaching them to write by copying from the blackboard.”

“Our classes have become models for other classes, and teachers observe how we teach.”

“We need to make the children into critical thinkers. Earlier, we were too focused on rote learning”.

These exceptionally positive and reassuring sentiments expressed by the teachers have been very encouraging. Such trainings not only help the teachers attain a better understanding of childrens’ mindsets but also lead to happier, motivated teachers with better interpersonal skills that spill over from their professional lives into their personal lives.