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Helping Out in the Thar Desert

In 2014, drought hit the Thar Desert, located in South-East Pakistan, and left residents suffering from malnutrition and inadequate healthcare. In March 2014, Getz Pharma mobilized staff and was able to deliver necessary food sacks and medical supplies to help mitigate the circumstances prevailing in the district.


Official estimates state that close to 300,000 families were affected by the famine and a few hundred children died that year due to malnourishment. Parents were unable to save their children as they had no access to food items or medical supplies to treat them as their conditions got worse. It is also speculated that these numbers were in fact much higher, as estimates accounted for individuals residing in 2350 hard-to-reach villages which are home to over 90% of the district’s population.


Witnessing the tragedy unfold, Getz Pharma understood the urgency for relief, and our responsibility to play a part in such an effort. Including seventy employees who volunteered their time and energy, Getz Pharma was able to dispatch items of necessity to survivors of the drought. Packages of medicine were prepared for the medical camps operating in the region, and basic ration sacks were packaged by volunteers which included staple food such as wheat, sugar, pulses, dried milk, tea and biscuits.


It has been our hope that, with the dual approach of alleviating some of the malnutrition while simultaneously supporting the medical camps countering the issue of inadequate healthcare, Getz Pharma’s efforts were able to save lives, and uplift the prospects of survival for those in Thar.