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Partnership for Excellence with AbbVie

On February 19, 2015, Getz Pharma made the official announcement of a business partnership with AbbVie in an exclusive signing ceremony hosted by Getz Pharma and attended by 200 key opinion leaders, Getz Pharma management, and sales employees. During this event, presentations were made by Mr Khalid Mahmood, CEO & MD of Getz Pharma, and Mr Abboud Bejjani, Vice President of AbbVie Biopharmaceutical for the Middle East and Pakistan (MEAP) Region

This strategic decision to join arms with another world-class global pharmaceutical company was based on the desire to expand into new areas of healthcare. AbbVie is a global research biopharmaceutical company present in more than 170 countries with 15 primary research and manufacturing facilities around the world. Both Getz Pharma and AbbVie are celebrated for their research and innovation, and commitment to investing in people, facilities, processes and technology.


AbbVie develops and markets advanced therapies that address some of the world’s most complex and serious diseases. Mr Abboud Bejjani stated during his presentation that AbbVie had explored other companies, but chose Getz Pharma as their partner due to their professional excellence, as well as dedication, commitment, values and service to the community along with what they recognized to be our robust marketing and distribution abilities.


Through this partnership, patients in Pakistan will continue to have access to AbbVie’s anesthetic and neonatal medications which are now distributed and marketed within Pakistan solely by Getz Pharma, and both companies also reiterated their commitment to improving healthcare in Pakistan, while significantly impacting the lives of patients. Getz Pharma’s collaboration with AbbVie is evidence of our efforts to bring improved healthcare options to the medical community of Pakistan.