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Preserving Cultural Heritage of Peace and Tolerance


In an effort to preserve and revive our cultural heritage, Getz Pharma sponsored the publication and printing of Kalaam-e-Aarifaan, a compendium of priceless pieces of sufiana kalaam in Urdu, Punjabi, Seraiki and Persian. Compiled and edited by Dr Hasan Aziz after a decade of hard work, the book includes English and Urdu translations and synopses to increase readership and help in conveying the Sufi message of eternal love, tolerance and peace.

In December 2014, Getz Pharma held the launch ceremony for Kalaam-e-Aarifaan. The event was attended by people from a variety of backgrounds including doctors, academics and literature fans. The guests praised Getz Pharma’s steps to maintain, support and promote our traditions – including mystical poetry – which are slowly fading due to a lack of interest and promotion. Renowned author Ms. Fahmida Riaz spoke about our Sufi past and emphasized the need to inculcate these values in our youth, in order to counter violence and promote respect for diverse views, cultures and beliefs.

Mr Khalid Mahmood, CEO & MD Getz Pharma spoke about the beauty of sufi kalaam and emphasized the need for cultural preservation for which he is a staunch advocate. The audience was captivated during an hour-long performance by Ms. Ayesha Ali who sang many of the kalaams. The event concluded with a book signing by Dr. Hasan Aziz. Kalaam-e-Aarifaan has proudly been distributed among individuals and libraries, both domestically and internationally.