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Getz Pharma launches multi-pronged campaign on World Diabetes Day 2020 

In observance of the World Diabetes Day, Getz Pharma in collaboration with the Pakistan Endocrine Society (PES) launched a multi-pronged campaign to create awareness about this disease and to promote early healthy lifestyle modifications to defeat Diabetes.  

Getz Pharma’s ‘Care for Heroes’ Initiative Reaches Islamabad, Jhelum, Abbottabad, and Muzaffarabad to Make Clinics and Wards Corona Free

Committed to its mission of providing quality healthcare for the community at large, Getz Pharma has launched a 'Care for Heroes' campaign to safeguard the healthcare providers of Pakistan who are working selflessly to combat the pandemic. Under the umbrella of this initiative, Getz Pharma has started a disinfection drive in northern Pakistan from 9th May 2020.

Getz Pharma Launches ‘Care for Heroes’ Campaign

Getz Pharma, under its “Care for Heroes” initiative to combat coronavirus in healthcare facilities, is disinfecting over 8,000 clinics, 650 hospital wards, and conducting free screening tests of more than 25,000 doctors across Pakistan.

Getz Pharma Trains the Doctors of Sindh Government for the Successful Implementation of COVID-19 Testing Protocols

Pakistan’s leading pharmaceutical company, Getz Pharma has donated around 15,000 anti-body testing kits to the Sindh government and is training its doctors and paramedics to successfully implement COVID-19 testing protocols across the province.