News & Events

Preserving Cultural Heritage of Peace and Tolerance

In an effort to preserve and revive our cultural heritage, Getz Pharma sponsored the publication and printing of Kalaam-e-Aarifaan, a compendium of priceless pieces of sufiana kalaam in Urdu, Punjabi, Seraiki and Persian.

Uniting against Diabetes

As a leading player in Pakistan’s anti-diabetes market with the vision to collaborate with other organizations to provide customers with the best products, Getz Pharma signed an accord with Medtronic in October 2014.

Helping Out in the Thar Desert

In 2014, drought hit the Thar Desert, located in South-East Pakistan, and left residents suffering from malnutrition and inadequate healthcare.

Getz Pharma achieves Prequalification of its Quality Control Laboratory

Getz Pharma received the Pre-qualification certificate for its Quality Control Laboratory by the World Health Organization (WHO) on January 28, 2014.